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  • Classic looks
  • Exclusivity
  • Sporty Engine line up


  • Needs contemporary line up
  • Slim dealer network
  • Can do with more pampering features



Stupendous luxury coupled with strong motors. Exclusivity and presence are guaranted. Amazing combination of classic elegant looks along with performace to match.Considering the asking price, the passengers do expect more cocconing features.


Bentley is a Luxury car manufacturer which is now owned by VW group. Bentley was established in 1919, but Rolls-Royce took over Bentley in 1931. Later on, when Rolls Royce was taken over by BMW, Bentley was acquired by VW. In recent times, Bentley greatly benefitted by VW takeover and has launched models winning widespread acclaim. The designs are stunning combining old charm with modern touches sprinkled over. New motors also made into Bentley, but the old 6.75 ltr. Engine is still hand-built. Bentley Muslane has the classic hand built 6.75 ltr engine. The currently Bentley line up available on order in India includes Mulsanne, Continental GT and Flying Spur. Many have noted that Bentley has also foccuseed on driving pleasure along with ultimate luxury and comfort. As iwth other imported Luxury products, Bentley is priced at very high premium.