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  • Striking, unique design
  • Fun to drive by Sports Car standards
  • 1st Indian Sports car


  • Very limited support
  • Spares, engine are imported
  • Needs more features



The first Indian Sports cars Looks very impressive and is nice effort by DC. Needs more features for price range it belongs to. Expansion of Service Support a must for future sustainabiltiy.


DC Design stands for Dilip Chhabaria Design, and is based out of Mumbai. DC Design used to modify interiors of cars and also the exteriors. DC modified cars also made it into movies, remmeber Shahrukh Khan’s car in “Dil To Pagal Hai” movie ? It was a car modified by DC Design and then again in the movie “Tarzan- The Wonder Car” is a car modified by DC-Deisgn. DC unveiled first sports car, DC Avanti at 2012 Auto Expo. Powered by a turbocharged petrol motor with manual transmission, DC Avanti provides brisk performance and top speed is electronically limited. Body work is in Carbon Fibre and engine is supplied by Renault. DC Avanti has a lot of potential in Indian market, and also is limited by a very small dealer network. The market for sports cars in the price range of DC Avanti is untapped in India. DC Design can expand the dealer network which may bring in more volumes.