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  • Affordable models
  • Models have mature ride and handling
  • Neutral Looks


  • Flimsly build
  • Wafer thin service network
  • Resale value



An effort by Nissan to bring back a revered brand, but build quality needs improvement, safety is suspect and service network is yet to be proved.


On a global sacle, Datsun’s origin could be traced prior to World War – II. However, Datsun made an international splash after entering United States of America. Nissan owns the Datsun Brand which helped Datsun get entry to American market. Datsun managed a good run in USA as a brand offering good value for money and lively products. However, towards mid 1980’s the brand was discontinued. In 2013, Datsun again made its reappearance with Datsun Go model, meant for India, Russia and few other Asian markets.Datsun Go is based on old Micra platform, and it failed in the safety tests. The structure was rated unsafe and a special mentioned was made that even an Airbag could be dangerous. This, along with limited dealer reach in a diversified nation like India, resulted into not so good sales. Datsun later on introduced an MPV version of Datsun Go which actually sold better than the Hatchback Go. Priced low, the Datsun GO managed to bring in some first time car buyers on the basis of affordability. However, the overall quality does need improvement specially from safety point of view. Datsun has a potential to perform and for Indonsaisan market, the Datsun Go was manufactured using higher grade steel after crash test results. The car with higher grade steel performed good and got 4 out of 5 stars for the model with airbag. Whethre this is implemented in Indian product is yet to be evaluated. An iconic brand, Datsun, is yet to mature and needs much needed dealer network for its target market which could be smaller towns and rural market. Datsun still has the potential to grow and help Nissan gather momentum. After arrival of Renault Kwid, Datsun Go sales have been hit.