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  • Tough, utilitarian models
  • Has access to Mercedes Oil Burners
  • Good Off Roaders


  • Future direction clarity can help
  • Agening products
  • Fit & Finish, features



A Rural people mover, makes tough vehicles but not modern enough for urban dwellers.


Force Motors is a Pune based manufacturer having a wide range of products, ranging from three-wheelers to Tractors. Established in 1958 as Firodia Tempo Ltd. By N.K.Firodia, later on it was renamed Bajaj Tempo after a partial acquisition by Bajaj Auto and lateron, Force Motors. Because of its association with Mercedes-Benz, Force motors has access to Mercedes-Benz engines. One of the most famous products by Force Motors was Matador which was available in two wheelbase versions. Force Motors is mainly active and operational in commercial vehicles segment where its “Traveller” series is well received. In 2011, Force Motors tried to enter into passenger car vehicle with Force One SUV. Its earlier personal car stint was with Gurkha, but it was mainly for offroad, and hence could not get more mass market success. Force One also could not achieve much success, despite being powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine. The overall looks, panels which were based on a Chinese SUV, unsorted ergonomics, etc. played their role in limiting sales of Force One SUV, especially in the wake of competition vis-à-vis asking price. The sales of Force One SUV were also affected by dealers who were not as trained to handle customer ready to make a purchase of one million rupee plus product, and the overall limited number of dealerships. Force Motors, to their credit, did manage to sign up Amitabh Bacchan to endorse Force One SUV. A wider dealer network, but more finished and contemporary product line could help Force Motors achieve success which has till now eluded it.