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  • Reputed in diesel engine technology
  • Good global presence and products
  • Robustness


  • Thin dealer network
  • Resale value
  • Focus is more in the commercial segment



Isuzu offers decent but dependable and robust products. The feature list could improve. Internationally Isuzu is reputed for long term reliabitliy and lower maintenance.


Isuzu is a Japanese SUV and commercial vehicle manufacturer, part of which is currently owned by Toyota. Isuzu is a very strong name in East Asian countries, thanks to its rugged construction and long lasting underpinnings coupled with reliability. Globally, Isuzu is known as the best diesel engine maker. Isuzu’s North American range of commercial trucks are very widely appreciated due to low operating costs along with long term reliability. Isuzu was present in North American market with pickup trucks also, but as sales were losing momentum, Isuzu pulled out of passenger car offerings. In India, Isuzu is not very well know, but with launch of its D-max pickup vehicle, Isuzu did get the attention it rightly deserves. Isuzu also offers MU-7 SUV, but the dealer network is seriously limited in a vast nation like our’s. Isuzu with a wider dealer network can certainly get more volumes as the products on offer have perfect recipes as far as Indian conditions are taken into account. Isuzu is setting up an assembly plant in Andra Pradesh