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  • Scintilating performance
  • Smashing looks
  • Engine note


  • Not the best handlers
  • Difficult to find premium fuel it needs
  • Impractical convertible



A unique experience, terrifying performance and amazing design. The Raging Bull ensures that each ride is a story in itself.


Lamborghini was established by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. The famous story behind Lamborghini is that once Ferruccio Lamborghini complinaed about his Ferrari’s clutch and the reply for Enzo Ferrari was not favorable to Ferruccio, hence Lamborghini came into existence. Today, world over, Lamborghini has earned a reputation for itself. Lamborghini’s first car was 350GT, but it was Miura which stunned the world. Looking absolutely stunning and leaving others, speechless, Miura even today commands a respect from enthusiasts. After Miura, Countach again brought back the attention to Lamborghini the way Miura did. Countach was the prouduct which had a long lifecycle. Lamborghini also tried out its luck with LM002 SUV.
Current international line up consists of Aventador and Huracan. Aventador is powered by V12 engine and Huracan by a V10 engine. Lamborghini world over is known as a “Raging Bull” which has its own driving characteristics, often requiring a good amount of skill around a racetrack and are equally rewarding to drive. Both, Aventador and Huracan are available in Indian market. Ownership of Lamborghini has been changed several times and currently the Lamborghini is owned by VW group. The products are imported in India which add to massive price tag, but for those who can afford it, Lamborghini does provide and exciting drive.