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  • Distinctive designs
  • V8 Engine
  • Interior customization


  • Brand not much known in India
  • Dealer reach is very limited
  • Lacks finessee WRT competition



The Italian Flair along with entertaining V8. Exclusivity is gauranteed. Could improve dealer reach. CBU pricing in another sore point.


Maserati is a luxury sports car manufacturer and was established in Dec 1914, Italy. Like Ferrari, Maserati also has a good racing success record. Maserati is currently owned by Fiat-Chrysler group, the same as the owner of Ferrari. One of best era for Maserati racing was with the legendary driver from Argentina, Juan Manuael Fangio. Maserati started focusing on road going cars like grand tourer after an accident in famous race was closed ( Maserati was not involved in any accidents ), and its first road going car, Maserati 3500GT was an instant success. The success was critical for Maserati which was struggling after withdrawal from racing. Maserati was taken over by Citroen in 1968 and Maserati grew under Citroen. However, during Oil Crises Citroen sold Maserati to De Thomso and later on, De Thomso in 1993 sold 51% shares to Fiat. Maserati since then has been on road to recovery. There was a closer association among Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati and in early 2000’s a few products from Maserati were helped by other two brands.
The current Maserati line up includes Quattroporte, Ghibli,GranTurismo and GranCabrio. Quattroporte, Ghibli are 4 dour saloon whereas GranTurismo is a Grand Tourer and GranCabrio is a Convertible. There are roumours of an upcoming SUV from Maserati. Maserati are known for their stunning looks backed by strong performance. There are two dealerships in India, one in New Dehli and the other in Bangaluru.