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  • Top notch build, paint quality
  • Snob Value
  • Ride and Handling, well engineered cars.


  • Slightly overpriced products
  • After sales and service not the best
  • Yet to crack small car & SUV segment



Skoda entered India as a luxury brand and established itself. Very good built with reasonable price tag means value propostition is good. The dealer channel improvements are needed.


Skdoa is owned by VW and Skoda made its Indian entry before “VW” did. The first launch in 2001, Skoda Octavia was an instant hit, the competent diesel won many fans. Very balanced ride, good handling and an excellent build quality ensured that Skoda was marvel to drive and own. Skoda later expanded its line up and launched Superb. Superb had space and comfort that could rival products one or two segments above it. Then came replacement of an ageing Octavia, Skoda Laura. Laura was initially powered by an improved motor powering Octavia, but Laura was soon updated and got better 2.0 ltr. Diesel engine.Skoda also tried to be a player in small car segment by launching Fabia, but failed to do so, mainly due to high cost of product and low volumes. Though Fabia was very well appreciated for its excellent handling, stability and ride, the cost and to an extent a low support of dealer and service network took its tool and Fabia was then discontinued in 2013. Skoda’s Rapid did help Skoda get more volumes and as it’s a VW Vento under the skin, VW group managed to price Rapid competitively. Rapid offered good comfort, ride and handling along with a very strong diesel engine shared with Vento. This ensures the product remains contemporary in current market. Skoda’s attempt in compact crossover segment with Yeti did not succeed. Yeti is still on sale, but volumes are very less thanks to a high purchase and spares cost.An area where Skoda can improve in after sales and service which seriously hampers its growth in Indian market. Skoda certainly has increased its focus on this front which should bring in results soon. With launch of new Octavia as a replacemtn of Laura in 2013, Skoda has cemented its position as value for money luxury manufacturer in Indian consumer’s mind. So much so, that VW is now finding it difficult to position “VW” brand above Skoda.