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  • Benchmark in safety
  • Overall quality
  • New design theme is stunning


  • Needs more powerful engines
  • Lacks snob value
  • Thin dealership network



Solid Build, comfortable cabin and good ride. Volvo may not have the brand image of Germans, but its engineering is up with the best. Practical for its class. However, a wider network could reach more potential buyers.


Established in 1927, Volvo made its Indian entry in 2008 with its first dealer in Chandigarh. Globally, Volvo is best known for its safety innovations and focus around safety. Several Innovations like 3-points seat betls, crumple zones, laminated windscreen, etc. have to credited to Volvo, which were later filtered down to all manufacturers. Volvo’s car division is independent of its commercial vehicle division and Volvo cars is currently owned by Geely Automobile, China. Geely Automobile bought Volvo from Ford where it was suffering from very losses. Under Geely’s leadership, Volvo Cars has returned to profitability and its recent product range is also winning critical acclaim all over. Volvo is trying hard to shed its image of as a practical car for certain age group.
Volvo’s Estate car range is very famous for its vast practicality and huge amount of space. Volvo’s Indian line up includes S80, S60 sedans, V40, V40 Cross Country and XC60, XC90 SUV. XC90 was recently updated and is built on a new platform designed from scratch. XC90 bookings, both in India and abroad, exceeded expectations of Volvo Cars. Volvo Cars in India has very limited dealer and service network. This might be a factor hampering its sales growth in India. Volvo can become a larger dot in the radar of car buyers and can even manage to stay in close proximity to Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even Jaguar for that matter. S80 luxury sedan is about to be replaced by an all new S90 luxury sedan, both in global and Indian market.