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Mahindra and Ford sign MoU for three years

Sep 18, 2017

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  Two big heads of the automobile industry have come up with a partnership to develop the vehicle mobility and bring lots of new ventures in industry. The partnership between Mahindra and Ford is for three years. 

  Both the companies will work together to take a benefit of constantly evolving industry and they will work under new vehicle projects like future mobility and electric cars. Also, they’ve keen interest in the commercial markets. In this collaboration both the companies will exchange their advantages. Mahindra will get the benefit of Ford’s global market while Ford will get a chance to avail the benefit of Mahindra's reach in the Indian automotive network as well as in commercial segment.

  Earlier, Volkswagen and Tata Motors also had a partnership and now Mahindra & Ford, which are the signs of changing Indian automobile industry. Let’s hope that in foreseeable future we’ll see dramatic changes on the Indian roads.