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  • Exclusivity
  • Stunning Appearance
  • Manuals still available


  • Limited Engine options
  • Can do with more features
  • CBU pricing



One of the few supercar manufacturers to offer Manual Transmission with breathtaking beauty and agile handling. Pricing takes away competitive advantage.


Aston Martin is a British Sports car manufacturer based out of London. Unknown to most, 5% shares are owned Daimler. Famous for its “Bond Cars”, Aston Martin has its own charm. Aston Martin designs are known to be timeless, aging slowly, so much so that many competitors may envy it! Just like Porshe having its iconic shape refined and retained over the years, Aston Martin also has managed the same with its designs.
Aston Martin officially entered India in 2011 and the initial response was significantly better than expected. Aston Martin notably offers manual transmission in an era where dual clutch automatics with lightening quick shift times are the norm. One77 was a special model made be Aston Martin and it was sold out sooner than expected. 5 One77 units are known to have been purchased by an Indian Industrialist.
Aston Martin may not have the image that Ferrari, Lamborghini or even Porshce has, but it has its own allure, with lot of exclusivity.